The curved gable at the front of the Kabuki-za Theater

Tokyo’s principal theater for Kabuki  opened in 1889 during the reign of Emperor Meiji – a part of Kabuki’s shift from daytime entertainment for the Shitamachi masses in Asakusa to a more highbrow art form.

The building is one of the oldest surviving examples of the use of Western building materials and techniques in traditional Japanese styles. Its curved front gable was added in 1925 after earthquake damage in 1923. Almost destroyed by the Allied bombing of 1945, the theater was rebuilt in 1951. Performances take place most days

Kabuki-za Theater


Map5 C3. 4-12-15 Ginza

Tel (03) l 3541-3131.

Higashi-Ginza stn, Toei Asakusa & Hibiya lines. & kabukiza/theater/index.html